It has, in all cases, a download speed of 22 Mbps and 6 Mbps upstream capacity utilization varying only in 4 weeks ranging from 10 to 100 GB. It is the ideal product for home use. It has dynamic IP.
The equipment can be purchased or owned custom alquiler.Ofertas regime.

 From 22Mbps download speed
 6Mbps upload speed
 Between 10 y 100 GB of Transfer
 Dynamic IP



Some of the services have symmetrical download and upload speeds. Monthly capacities ranging from 25 to 125 GB with possibility of hiring extra GB if needed. It has a speed up and down very stable and exclusive Control Center to ensure stability and performance with maximum reliability. It is appropriate to SMEs, for safety circuits and to access cameras.
Personalized offers.

    From 20Mbps download
    6Mbps upload
    Between 25 and 125 transfer
    Static IP
    Stable Speed
    Control panel
    Chance to hire more transfer



(News Spotter) booking services have dedicated flow from 5 to 100 GB. Specific event transmission or transmissions without reservation best effort. Using highly professional teams. Acquisition by pre-payment. Check specifications and usability.

    Reserve Flow 5 to 100GB
    Professional equipment
    Acquisition by pre-paid



Satellite Internet is the way to connect to the network where it can't reach the ADSL cables or antennas of mobile telephony. Isolation is an area, there is coverage even in the most remote mountain.



Who we are:

Somos una empresa con 15 años en el sector de las comunicaciones, no obstante la dirección de la empresa lleva en el sector de las telecomunicaciones más de treinta años, trabajando con sistemas de satélite, posibilitando la transmisión de datos desde cualquier en cualquier lugar.

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